Elena Wiikholm



Born in the city of Perm, on the foot of the Ural Mountains, attended the Architectural Institute in the city of Sverdlovsk and later continued in the Muhhina High school for Art in Leningrad.

She has also studied 3D modelling in Nackademin High School in Stockholm to develop her sculptures in computer environment. 

Today she makes graphical drawings and paints in oil on paper and canvas. Also gouache and tempera. Her sculptures are in ceramic materials, mässing and bronze.   While resident in the town of Schlysselborg, in the North West of

Russia, she became interested in the ancient castle of that town. Her studies led her to the War Museum of Stockholm, since the castle during its history for a time had belonged to Sweden. Because of her investigations, she staged an exhibition called “The North West Russian Fortification Line”, including graphical drawings and paintings of eight castles, in the Bennetter Gallery, in Stockholm year 1994.

From that time Elena had 63 exhibitions in 13 countries. Her art was presented permanent in Castle Årsta in Sweden (2007-2012), is in Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Military Archive in St-Petersburg,  many firms and private collections in Sweden and other countries.  


Member of the Staten’s Central Union for Professional Artist (KRO), Sweden

Member of the Staten’s Central Union for Professional Artist (СХР), Russia

 She is owner of HB ARDEDIS ART firm  and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.




Stockholm Galleri Bennetter 1994

Stockholm Folkets hus 1997

Stockholm Galleri Ögonblicket 1998

Stockholm Galleri City Art 1998, 1999

Stockholm Art Fair Sollentuna 1999, 2000

EuropArt i Geneve; Switzerland 2000, 2001

Taxinge Castle,Sweden 2000, 2001

Zalaesberg Ungern2000

Köpenhamn Art Fair 2000

Zürich Art Fair NewArtist, Switzerland  2001

Stockholm Haga Salong 2001,2002

Ekebyhov Castle, Sweden2002

Paris Art Fair i Petit format, France, 2002

Sparreholm Galleri New Form, Sweden, 2003

Russian  Federation Embassy, Stockholm, 2003

Central Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2004,2006

Studjefrämjandet, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2004

Art Perm, Russia, 2005

Art i miniature, Toronto, Canada, 2005, 2007

Design competition, Landskrona, Sweden, 2005

Sculpture competition, National Museum of American Indian, Washington, USA, 2005

Gallery Fenix, Göteborg, Sweden, 2005

Tyresö Castle, Sweden, 2006

Presentation under days of EU conference Russian Alliance Speakers, Brussel, 2006

Årsta Castle, Sweden, 2006,2007

Visbo Art Salong, Sweden2006

Art Fair, Göteborg, Sweden2007

Art Fair in Lincoln Center, New York, USA2007

Art Fair Futurart, Bruxelles, Belgium2007

Art Festival, Halland, Sweden, 2007

Lessedra World Art Print, Bulgaria2007

Hässelby Castle, Sweden2008

Utställningshallen Sigtuna Museum, Sweden2008

Art  miniature, Toronto, Canada2009

World Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA2009

Årsta Castle, Sweden2008 – 2010

Köping Art Salong, Sweden2009

Russian Christmas at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm2010

Auction Lauritz, Stockholm, Sweden2010

Art Miniatur, Qubec, Canada, 2011

Fortum AB, 2011

Årsta Castle, Sweden2011

Russian  Federation Embassy, Stockholm, 2012

Pfizer AB, 2012

Jubileum utställning-80 år till Ryska Art Union i        St.Peterburg Central, Konsthall "Manezh", Konsthall "Åhta, Konsthall av Art      Union, 2012

Årsta Cactle, Sweden, 2012

Konstfrämjandet i Sörmland, 2013

FO-KO Art, Stockholm, 2013

Art Centre J.Greter, Kiev, Ukraina, 2013

The Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, 2013 

Konstfrämjandet i Västerås, 2014

Art Miniatur, Quebec, Kanada, 2015

(Bourse d'excellence Special merit)

Konstfrämjandet i Sörmland, 2015-16

Västerås Slott, Sverige, 2016

Sommarssolong, Gamla Kraftstationen, 2016

ARTiculAction Contemporary Art Review, 2016-2017

Art Miniatur, Quebec, Kanada, 2017

Art Russia, Novgorod, 2017

Kulturpris 2018, Tröndheim, Norge 2018

Art Miniatur, Quebec, Kanada, 2019

Julutställning, Konstfrämjandet i Sörmland, 2019

Mariakyrkan i Skogås, 2020